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Series of pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester
Pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester
Two pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester


You'll know the condition of the prospective property and will be better able to make an informed decision, offer the right price, and what to expect in the coming years.
Duke-Allen Inspections provides you a detailed, objective, and comprehensive home inspection report explaining the condition of the property structure, major systems and components. Our home inspectors will answer any questions you may have, either during the home inspection process or anytime afterwards.

Before you list your property on the market, think about a seller home inspection. Duke-Allen Inspections will provide sellers with a clear understanding of the condition of your property. You then decide which improvements you'd like to make before listing your property. Tackling the problems before they show up in a Purchase Agreement submitted by an interested buyer, greatly increases the chance the transaction will make it to the real estate closing without much hassle or stressful negotiations.

Duke-Allen Inspections will help you learn more about the current condition of your property, prioritize maintenance, and locate any potential issues before they become major issues. And if you hire a contractor to work on your property, Duke-Allen Inspections can confirm if the work was done using commonly accepted practices. You will have a clear direction on prioritizing maintenance and repair work, to make you property safe and in good condition.

Don't lose the sale! Many sales have been lost to home inspections that went painfully wrong. Home inspectors who didn't deliver, scared a potential buyer with information that was not objective or balanced, couldn't communicate with your clientele in a professional and respectful manner. We know that you spend a lot of time building your real estate business. We understand the real estate business and will be an honest partner because we know if you and your clients are happy, we will be too. It is part of Duke-Allen Inspections core principles (QIS - Quality, Integrity, Service). Let Duke-Allen Inspections represent you.

Due to the competitive real estate market conditions in Rochester, many customers have requested "Limited" home inspections w/o a formal written report.  We are happy to provide this service, upon specific request, at a greatly reduced rate!  Please call for details and pricing...

Property Size (SqFt) Inspection Price
0-3000 $325
3001-4000 $375
4001-5000 $400
5001-6000 $450
Thermal Imaging Only $125
Inspect Single Item Only $100
Seasonal Maintenance Inspection $140
(Includes BOTH Fall and Spring Inspections)  

Duke-Allen Inspections provides home inspection, rental and investment property inspection services throughout Rochester and SE Minnesota.  Inspections provided may include:

· roof, vents, flashings and trim
· gutters and downspouts
· skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations
· decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings
· eaves, soffit and fascia
· grading and drainage
· basement, foundation and crawlspace
· water penetration and foundation movement
· heating systems
· cooling systems
· main water shut-off valves

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