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Series of pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester
Pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester
Two pictures side-by-side showing a person inspecting a home in Rochester


Improper plumbing connections were common in this older home. There is ample evidence of homeowner do-it-yourself work whereas some pipes are not properly supported, improper materials used, and routing configuration are improper.  PVC Y-fitting installed backward and was capped with the plastic top of a spray paint can. Duct tape and masking tape were used to seal and support the fittings.  The implication of such a configuration could be a sewage leak into the basement and the intrusion of dangerous methane gas into the home.

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Picture of poorly routed exhaust duct

The photo on the left shows the underside of the enclosed porch.  The vapor barrier has deteriorated and should be replaced to prevent moisture intrusion from the ground below.  The implications for not correcting this problem may be moisture rising up from the soil and into the flooring.  This ultimately leads to deterioration of the flooring and costly repairs.


The photo to the left shows a serious health and safety risk.  The photo shows rust and holes in the exhaust ductwork coming off both the water heater and the furnace.  With holes in the ductwork, deadly products of combustion (Carbon Monoxide) will vent into the living space of the home.  This must be repaired immediately!

Picture of poorly done chimney
Picture of poorly done masonry

Clearly this work was not completed by a professional as the electrical panel was installed inside a cabinet, which violated multiple sections of the 2011 National Electrical Code. Sufficient unobstructed work space does not exist.  Further, the photo shows wiring running outside the box, rather than running through the side punchouts.  Imagine reaching deep into the cabinet for your favorite glass! 


This photo shows an improperly wired and installed dishwasher connection.  Cord from dishwasher has been modified to accept wires from outlet box.  A proper outlet receptacle should be present as the National Electrical Code requires that all appliances have a means of disconnecting them.  The implication could be an electrical shock or the potential for a fire.

Picture of improperly used extension cords
Picture of chimney too close to window

The photo to the left shows the exhaust pipe the homeowner installed for the hot water heater.  It is improperly supported by bricks and a pipe.  Further, the vent pipe is at an improper slope to efficiently and safely vent products of combustion. Gas water heater vent pipe connector must continuously run upward rising not less than 1/4″ per linear foot, to provide proper draft.


This photo shows the installed water heater with the TPR valve obstructed.  Further the overflow/discharge pipe is missing. This is a dangerous situation.  Should the water heater build sufficient pressure to activate the TPR valve, superheated water in the form of steam will be released at extreme pressure.  The installation of an overflow/discharge pipe will direct the water/steam downward and prevent significant injury or fatalities.  

Picture of furnace exhaust not ventilated properly

Duke-Allen Inspections provides home inspection, rental and investment property inspection services throughout Rochester and SE Minnesota.  Inspections provided may include:

· roof, vents, flashings and trim
· gutters and downspouts
· skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations
· decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings
· eaves, soffit and fascia
· grading and drainage
· basement, foundation and crawlspace
· water penetration and foundation movement
· heating systems
· cooling systems
· main water shut-off valves

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